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WBR: Greece gears up for weekend election 23 Jan 15

January 23rd, 2015

Episode 181 of 1091 episodes

Millions of Greeks are preparing to vote in this weekend's election, in a country where the economy has shrunk by a quarter since the financial crisis, while unemployment has soared as austerity measures hit people hard. We hear from Hugo Dixon, who is in Athens covering the election for Reuters and Theopi Skarlatos, who has made a documentary called "love in the time of crisis" which examines how austerity has affected millions of families. Guy Johnson from Bloomberg and Stephen Fidddler, from the Wall Street Journal, help us look back at a week dominated by the European Central Bank deciding to print billions of euro, to kick start the region's ailing economies. Plus we focus on the claim that the days of the hamburger could be numbered. No way says Dan Bekhradnia, founder or The Burger Joint in Bristol in the west of England, who tells us why his restaurant is rated as one of the top ten gourmet burger bars in the UK.

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