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WBR: Libya's war-torn economy 17 Feb 2015

February 17th, 2015

Episode 215 of 1091 episodes

Four years on from the uprising against Muammar Gaddafi, every story that comes out of Libya suggests a country becoming more violent and difficult to live in. The devastation is not just human and emotional, but also economic: Libya's oil production has fallen to around 350,000 barrels a day, a fraction of the 1.6 million Libya used to pump before the NATO-backed 2011 uprising that ended Gaddafi's rule. We speak to the boss of the biggest private holding company in Libya, as well as a founder of the country's youth movement. From France, we hear why President Francois Hollande is pushing through a controversial economic reform bill, including plans to broaden trading hours and de-regulate certain sectors. From Texas, a report on the impact of low oil prices on the fracking industry. And in space, how two billionaire entrepreneurs are battling it out to bring the world a new way of accessing high-speed internet.

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