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WBR: Oil prices near four-year low 13 Oct 14

October 13th, 2014

Episode 38 of 1091 episodes

Global oil prices fall to a near four-year low amid fears that weak economic growth is hitting demand. But could it also be that the oil-producing cartel, OPEC, is waging a price war to drive out new market competitors? We speak to Jason Bordoff, from the Center on Global Energy Policy at New York's Columbia University. Also on the programme, why are company bosses in Britain paid so much more than their staff? New research shows that on average directors of the biggest firms receive 120 times more than the average employee. Plus, in Sri Lanka the train line between the capital Colombo and the northern city of Jaffna reopens nearly a quarter of a century after the Tamil Tiger rebel group blew up a bridge on the route. And a French bank plans to use Twitter as a money transfer service.

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