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WBR: Remittances from Nepal's Two Million Diaspora Key to Recovery 30 Apr 15

April 30th, 2015

Episode 313 of 1091 episodes

Remittances from two million Nepal citizens abroad will be vital for earthquake recovery. Dilip Ratha from the World Bank calls on money transfer companies to cut their fees. One of the UK's school examination boards wants to allow students to have access to the internet during tests. We hear from Mark Dawe the head of OCR. The reported rape of a woman by an Uber taxi driver in New Delhi last December caused widespread outrage and made international headlines. The case caused more concern when it emerged the suspect had previously been charged with another rape. It prompted calls for Indian taxi companies to do more to improve safety for their passengers. We have a report from Ashleigh Nghiem who has been finding out what has changed. We also hear from a man who is said to hold a golden ticket, thanks to an unusual life insurance product that allows him to bet on the financial markets a week after trading has closed.

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