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WBR: Turkey ruling party loses majority 8th June 15

June 8th, 2015

Episode 383 of 1091 episodes

A shock election result for Turkey, but what does it mean for the economy?We talk to risk consultant Dr Elizabeth Stephens, and Gareth Jenkins, a writer who has lived in Istanbul for 26 years. Germany is renewing pressure on Greece to strike a deal with Europe, but following a war of words over the weekend, are they going about it the right way? We ask Pandelis Valasopoulos, a Berlin-based reporter with the Greek TV channel Mega TV. Also in the programme, “EyeWitness To Atrocities” is a phone app which hopes to be a weapon in the battle against human rights abuses and war crimes. Our technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones gives us his assessment. Plus, our regular commentator Lucy Kellaway considers the thorny question of giving and receiving feedback.

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