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WBR: UAE Energy Minister Blames US Oil Price Falls 13 Jan 15

January 13th, 2015

Episode 165 of 1091 episodes

The price of oil has fallen to a six year low. We hear from the UAE's Energy Minister. And we look at the impact low fuel prices are having on US car sales, where bigger cars are back in fashion. Also, as European national governments get more powers over genetically modified crops, we discuss the pros and cons of the technology with Mark Lynas, a visiting fellow at Cornell University who supports GM, and Liz O'Neill, a director of GM Freeze, which lobbies against it. Plus, bankers' bonuses are back in the headlines, but this time, because they are shrinking. Roger Bootle from Capital Economics tells us whether this is a good thing. And finally, Cambridge University researchers have discovered that a computer may be better at understanding a Facebook user's personality than friends, family or even partner. We hear more from David Stillwell, one of the research authors.

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