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WBR: US job growth strongest since 1999 09 Jan 15

January 9th, 2015

Episode 161 of 1091 episodes

As the US economy reports that last year saw the biggest decline in the unemployment rate since 1984, the Labor Secretary, Tom Perez, tells us the key challenge is to make sure prosperity is shared. "Businesses need skilled workers, people want a raise and this is how you compete in a global economy, by being the best-trained, best-skilled workforce," he says. "That's what we're trying to do." Companies' cyber security is at risk from their own staff as well as external hackers. A report commissioned by the IT company Cisco has warned that complacent employees might be putting their own firms in danger, either accidentally or by getting around their own security processes. We hear from Cisco's head of Cyber Security, Terry Greer-King. As fashion brand American Apparel gets tougher on office romances, we ask whether love in the workplace is ever acceptable. Plus, we take a look back over the week's big business stories and we will get the latest from the financial markets.

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