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Adventures of Man in the Can - Ch 19 - The Great Exodus - Alliances

April 12th, 2014

Episode 9 of 25 episodes

The animals sleep as the remaining team of scout birds return and report the findings on their future home. What news will they bring back to Man in the Can and Yellow Bird?Find out in today's Adventures of the Man in the Can.MP3 File - Click Here to Download Podcast GREAT DEALS FOR LISTENERS! CLICK BELOW!Save 10% on all your pet's needs at PetMeds.comUp to 20% off on great athletic gear at Eastbay.comSave 15% on your favorite stuff at Footlocker.comSave 20% on your flower order with FTD Fluerop.com Save $10 off your next order from PetCareRX.com

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