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Terror attack in Westminster

March 23rd, 2017

In this podcast we hear from Brendan Cox, husband of the MP Jo Cox, who was murdered in June last year. The speed of the response of the emergency services and their work at the scene was widely praised, Liz Harris is executive officer at the College of Paramedics and Sid Mackay is chairman of the Police Roll of Honour Trust, which maintains a...

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68 nations are gathering to discuss the US-led global coalition to fight the Islamic State group. Hosted by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, It will be the first full meeting of the coalition since December 2014. It is hoped it will speed up international efforts to defeat IS and increase pressure on its affiliates and networks. The meeting...

The two leading candidates in the French election have traded barbs in a fiery TV debate. Ms Le Pen said France should oppose multiculturalism, but was accused by Mr Macron of making enemies of Muslims in the country. Recent polls suggest Ms Le Pen will get the most votes in the first round. Sophie Pedder is the Economist's Paris Bureau Chief...

Martin McGuinness was one of the most hated figures on this side of the Irish Sea and in loyalist Ulster for decades. A ruthless IRA terrorist he then became a man of peace and was one of the architects of the Good Friday agreement. It was ultimately to bring an end to the decades of violence in NI. Tony Blair, prime minister at the time of the...