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The historian Antony Beevor talks to James Naughtie about Adolf Hitler's attempts to keep control in the final months of the Second World War, which is one of the themes in his new book Ardennes 1944: Hitler's Last Gamble.

It's fifty years to the day since a great mountain of waste slid onto the village of Aberfan and crushed the primary school. Fifty years and the world still remembers. Not just because of what happened - so many children buried alive - but because of why it happened. John Humphrys has been back to the Welsh village of Aberfan to speak to those...

Britain expects to be part of EU decision-making until Brexit, Theresa May has told fellow EU leaders. Both the French president and German chancellor warned if Mrs May pursued a "hard Brexit", talks would be hard too. But the choice between "soft" Brexit and "hard" Brexit is a false one, the UK's former EU Commissioner Lord Hill tells Nick...

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Inside the Bronte rock musical

October 20th, 2016

In 1978 Kate Bush famously took Wuthering Heights to the top of the charts. Now, the Brontes themselves have become the subject of a musical. Wasted is a tale of sex, drugs and early death, told in the musical style of rock icons such as Queen and Rage Against the Machine. The BBC's entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson went along to final...