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About three million EU citizens living in the UK would be allowed to stay after Brexit, Theresa May has proposed. Justin Webb speaks to EU leaders at the summit in Brussels to find out whether they think the proposal is fair. (Image: Theresa May. Credit: Getty Images)

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EU citizens legally residing in the UK should have the same rights as British citizens after Brexit, the UK prime minister has told EU leaders. Maria Demertzis, deputy director at the Brussels-based think tank, Bruegel and Anne-Laure Donskoy, founding member of the lobby group, the3million, debate Theresa May's proposal.

Talks between the Conservative Party and the DUP continue as they try and reach a deal which will allow Theresa May to form a government. Chief whip of the DUP Sir Jeffrey Donaldson and Crossbench Peer Paul Bew discuss the DUP's request for devolved funding and the Conservative Party's position on the peace process in Northern Ireland. (Image:...

Several leading universities have failed to score highly in a new ranking of degree teaching standards. Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow who never completed his degree and the captain of the winning team from last year's University Challenge Hannah Woods discuss the significance of going to university. (Image: University graduates. Credit: Getty...