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Exaro editor on leaked draft report criticising BBC over Savile

January 21st, 2016

Episode 798 of 1744 episodes

A report into cases of sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile linked to the BBC is set to criticise the corporation's culture, according to a leaked draft. "Deference, that’s at the core of why despite many people at the BBC either knowing or having some idea of what Sir Jimmy Savile was up to; no-one told anyone at the top," said Mark Watts, editor of news website Exaro. “I just find it incredible that 107 people gave evidence to her to say yes we knew of the rumours and suspicions and that would not have filtered some way to the top and someone at the top would not have looked into the matters in greater detail,” said lawyer Liz Dux, who represents some of those who say they were abused. “Clearly quite a lot of people around the shows that Savile were in; heard rumours and stories. I honestly never heard anything,” said Will Wyatt, former director of BBC television. A BBC spokesman said: "The BBC hasn't seen Dame Janet's report or any draft copy, so we're unable to comment."

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