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Farron: 'No point feeling sorry for ourselves'

July 17th, 2015

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A “new army" of Liberal Democrat supporters could help the party recover in the polls, says newly-elected leader Tim Farron. “We have in this country a massive space for a Liberal party,” he told the Today programme. “There’s no point in us feeling sorry for ourselves.” His predecessor, Nick Clegg, stood down as leader in May, following the party's disastrous result at the general election. Mr Clegg’s resignation speech had galvanised 20,000 people to join the party, said Mr Farron. “Liberalism is under threat but it’s absolutely essential.” Asked why he takes political guidance from his religious conviction, Mr Farron said: “It is hardly surprising that somebody of faith says prayers.” “Wisdom is the ability to make best choices on basis of evidence in front of you."

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