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Locals speak out on possible Gatwick expansion

June 25th, 2015

Episode 445 of 1744 episodes

Sir Howard Davies' Airports Commission is set to publish its highly controversial report into where to build an extra runway in the south-east of England. There are three options on the table: A third runway at Heathrow, the expansion of an existing runway at the same airport or a second, new runway at Gatwick. Local passions for and against all three schemes are running high, and Dan Whitworth has been to speak to people on both sides of the argument who live and work in and around both airports. "We feel we're being targeted for our rural existence," said Sally Pavey, who lives near Gatwick Airport and is opposed to its expansion. "Why invest more Government money in an airport that can never be the future of the UK economy?" But local businessman Adrian Munn disagreed. "We need to make sure there is a local economic powerhouse - Gatwick is that powerhouse," he told Today. There will be a report on Friday's programme about opinions on the possible expansion of Heathrow Airport.

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