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Mishal Husain at Dhaka driving school set up for women

June 30th, 2015

Episode 451 of 1744 episodes

The United Nations is about to call time on its millennium development goals. They're a set of targets with lofty aims, including reducing extreme poverty and hunger, and improving health and education. Mishal Husain has been looking at what the goals have achieved in Bangladesh. In Dhaka, a city with one of the worst safety records in the world, Mishal was treated to a driving lesson by instructor Hasina. "I really love driving and teaching people. I've learnt something and I can teach others", said Hasina. One of the first lessons Mishal Husain learned was the importance of the horn: "We're not really used to using the horn in London so much, but I can see it's quite essential here", she noted.

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