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The British couple and their Syrian guest

February 25th, 2016

Episode 855 of 1744 episodes

Timothy Nathan and Nina Kaye were thinking about downsizing their home now their children had moved out, but instead they realised they could take in a Syrian refugee. Ahmed, 26, escaped Aleppo in 2013, arrived in the UK last year and went to stay with the couple in Epsom in November. "I do miss home - I mean everyone misses home and still when I'm living in this house in Epsom, you know I'm physically here but in my heart and in my soul, I am still in Aleppo," Ahmed told reporter Sima Kotecha. Food has been the most challenging aspect of life in Britain, he said. He was particularly bewildered by the tradition of setting fire to the Christmas pudding. Mrs Kaye said Ahmed was welcome to stay at her home for free as long as he needed.

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