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Today: Syrian refugee: I lost security for 6 years but have found it in Britain

December 9th, 2014

Episode 49 of 1744 episodes

Today presenter Mishal Husain spoke to one of the 90 Syrian refugees brought to the UK under the Vulnerable Persons Relocation scheme. The 30 year old mother of four from Homs told Mishal: "I was detained because we were holding demonstrations. We were considered to be against the state and the regime. We were asking for the most simple of rights. To live like other nations." "After I was detained I was subjected to torture, humiliation and insults. I was detained in a single cell and kept there for one and a half months. It was a dark, awful, disgusting place." "There was no care for Syrians in Lebanon. I never had any assistance there. I was accepted by the British programme and I managed to get out and I hope that others will have the same chance." When asked how she feels about being in Britain: "Security is the most important thing. I lost it for 6 years but what comforts me now is that I have found it in Britain." First broadcast Today programme 9 December 2014.

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