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Today: The nominees for Britain's national bird

March 16th, 2015

Episode 208 of 1744 episodes

Britain may have a reputation as a country of bird lovers, but we haven’t gone as far as officially adopting one to represent the nation. All that could be about to change, with an online poll asking people to vote for Britain’s national bird. Ten birds have emerged as the frontrunners – among them the robin, which was unofficially voted as the national bird by a newspaper in the 1960s, and the wren, which once appeared on the old farthing coin. Ornithologist and urban birdwatcher David Lindo is the man behind the campaign, which starts today and closes on the day of the General election, May 7, and he says he will be asking the new Government to consider formally adopting the winner as Britain’s official bird. David Lindo is an ornithologist and “urban birder” and author Jilly Cooper.

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