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ASB Bank: Fortune Favours The Brave

April 28th, 2016

Episode 2153 of 5181 episodes

Rather than tell first-year university students to take every opportunity that comes their way we showed them what could happen it they did. So we brought to life the idea that 'Fortune Favours The Brave'. It started with a small ad pinned to a university noticeboard asking for a student with an original music track to partner up with another student making his first music video. When young musician Sam Verlinden answered the ad he discovered it was no student music video shoot. He would actually be making a professionally directed music video with world famous choreographer Parris Goebel, most recently behind all the music videos on Justin Bieber's 'Purpose' album. With the release of Sam's original track, remastered by local DJ legend P-Money, and world-class music video his career takes off. This happens in real-time watched by thousands of other music-loving students, all made possible by ANZ bank. Agency: WhybinTBWA Auckland. VIEW THE SPOT

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