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Batelco: The Smart Buses

August 11th, 2016

Episode 3035 of 5181 episodes

School buses are supposed to be joyful and safe rides for children. Every day thousands of children in Bahrain travel on buses to schools and back. But unfortunately, in many cases, school buses in the country have turned into carriers of tragic news. The situation has become a legitimate problem in the country. And it has even led to Bahrain's Prime Minister demanding that safety standards in all school buses need to be enhanced. Batelco, Bahrain's leading telecommunications brand and an innovative digital solutions provider, wanted to take on the responsibility to keep children safe in buses. And created The Smart Buses - a cutting edge IoT (Internet of Things) connected vehicle solution - making school buses safe environments for children. This smart vehicle solution marks a new era in the transportation sector, as it helps address security challenges like safety, mobility, monitoring and the weather (which is hot in a country like Bahrain for most months of the year). Agency: Fp7/BAH & FP7/DXB. VIEW OUTDOOR

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