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BBC Sport: Rio 2016 Olympic Games

July 12th, 2016

Episode 2804 of 5181 episodes

RKCR/Y&R is launching this year's campaign for the BBC's coverage of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in August. The campaign aims to excite, inform and inspire ahead of this year's spectacle and is coupled with the BBCâs unrivalled editorial, multi-platform offering in the build-up and throughout the games. The strength, agility and skill of Olympic athletes is absolutely astonishing. The sprinters explode from the blocks as fast as jaguars and the swimmers zip through the water like otters. It feels only fitting that the strength of the athletes is brought to life by the host nation's exotic animals, against the backdrop of the luscious and vibrant Tijuca Rainforest, before they gradually transition to the human world over the course of the animation. The campaign, which includes trail and titles, has been produced by the award-winning animation house Passion Pictures, who also produced the BBC's London 2012 Olympic Games campaign. VIEW THE SPOT

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