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CoppaFeel: Peachy

September 18th, 2014

Episode 4 of 5181 episodes

Breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! has today launched a campaign that features bare-chested women, each body painted by renowned typographer Alison Carmichael with the word that best describes how their boobs feel to them. Shot by British photographer Rankin and using words such as 'squidgy', 'spongy' and 'bobbly', the campaign aims to normalise and desexualise female breasts and help women to reclaim the vocabulary surrounding them so they can be confident in describing #whatnormalfeelslike. The #whatnormalfeelslike campaign, created by Karmarama, was born after months of research and conversations with women across the UK. VIEW THE PEACHY AD VIEW THE SPONGEY AD VIEW THE SQUIDGY AD VIEW THE DOUGHY AD VIEW THE FIRM AD VIEW THE SENSITIVE AD VIEW THE BOBBLY AD VIEW THE THREE AD

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