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Diabetes UK: Amp Shoes

May 11th, 2016

Episode 2299 of 5181 episodes

Amp Shoes is a pop-up shoe store located in East London featuring 135 shoes each one representing one of the lower limbs amputated in England every week due to diabetes. The store is promoted with flyers and posters offering 50% off every pair (a tacit acknowledgment that one of the shoes is no longer needed due to an amputation). Customers enter the store looking for a discounted pair of shoes, but are instead greeted by two assistants who explain the serious consequences of diabetes. Every customer is offered a free Type 2 diabetes risk assessment in a consultation space staffed with Diabetes UK Ambassadors. Hidden cameras captured people's reactions as they discovered the shocking truth about diabetes, and the footage used to create the accompanying web film. Agency : Langland, UK VIEW THE SPOT

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