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Downside Up: One Word

June 16th, 2016

Episode 2640 of 5181 episodes

Down syndrome is the most common genetic anomaly in the world. Those diagnosed with Down syndrome can learn, work, and be fully-fledged members of society. But in Russia too many people are not aware of this, even the word "down" is primarily perceived as an insult. Only in social media people use it in the negative sense tens of thousands of times every day. So on March 21st 2016, World Down Syndrome Day, every instance of the word "down" posted on VKontakte (vk.com), Russia's most popular social network, automatically turned into a social call-to-action link with pop-up window leading to page telling about the true meaning of the word "down" and Down syndrome. So instead of insulting someone, users participated in an educational campaign made for Downside Up Charitable Fund and VKontakte. VIEW THE CONCEPT

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