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GOOD Magazine: Interactive Map

March 23rd, 2016

Episode 1923 of 5181 episodes

RTO+P's Maker team created a huge interactive map for GOOD Magazine's event at SXSW last week. The touchscreen map celebrated the "GOOD 100," GOOD's annual list of individuals tackling global issues in extraordinary ways. A core team of RTO+P's three makers, two developers and one designer pulled the interactive map together from scratch in just 12 days. The goal was to create a natural, tactile interactive piece where the technology was more invisible. To bring the map to life, RTO+P affixed a layer of conductive paint under the map, which was held to the wall with copper nails. The illustrated map was wired to an Arduino to create a capacitance sensor that monitored the levels of electricity flowing through the circuit. Touching each image on the map triggered a sensor and ran the appropriate animation in the web app which was projected on the wall. During the event, attendees were invited to touch the map to trigger more information on GOOD 100 honorees. VIEW THE CONCEPT

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