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Guest Judge: Bram de Rooij, CD, Kingsday, Amsterdam

October 19th, 2015

Episode 1081 of 5181 episodes

BEST TVFavourite: Clearasil, Teacher Truths. I love how this campaign blends wisdom with humour. It's smart to use the relationship between teachers and teenagers, which is often more grown-up than we think. And that's what I really appreciate about it: it's grown-up. Runner-up: Bonds, The Boys. Visually this one immediately stuck out. There will never be a better image of a pair of balls. It's comedy sketch material - and that's where the script disappoints me a bit. This should have been a classic. BEST PRINTFavourite: Stihl Catamaran. The great thing about this piece is its stopping power. Everybody will tell you about the laws of nature that make this scene impossible. And they'll stop whatever they're doing to tell you that. Runner-up: Chorus Dino. Beautifully crafted and telling a visual story. I'm not sure if this Chrome symbol is universally recognised though.BEST OUTDOOR Favourite: Hollard Insurance. A small idea to give a regular billboard just that little bit extra to get the message across. I know it's not a life-saving or extremely innovative interactive installation, but I think this is something people will actually talk about and remember.Runner up: Bramhults. I admire the fact that it tries to create a product with a differentiating opinion. Without being a life-saving or extremely innovative interactive installation. BEST INTERACTIVEFavourite: ASB Bank. I don't love my bank, but I do cherish a few memories. How my mother used to get money once a week inside the bank, and the bills got delivered through a pneumatic tube. How I used to bring a quarter to school every week to save for 5 Dutch guilders and got my first 'savings booklet'. My own kids have less and less of those memories. That's why I think every bank should have this elephant. And more of those ideas!Runner up: Casumo. It doesn't make any sense and I think that's what it's supposed to not do. And it's got Vanilla Ice, so I just stop collaborate and listen.Bram de Rooij is creative director and founder of Amsterdam based creative agency Kingsday.Bram was originally educated as a playwright and as such he's known for turning every brief into a great story.After almost a decade as creative director at Euro RSCG 4D, where he made award winning campaigns for clients such as Nokia, Volvo and Unilever, he left to start something new: Kingsday. Kingsday is a challenger agency, operating at the intersection of PR, interactive and advertising.Bram has won numerous awards, mainly for film, entertainment and branded content at shows such as Cannes Lions, Eurobest, ADC, Golden Drum, New York Medals, One Show and Epica.But mainly Bram is inspiring yet humble, and is slightly obsessed by the craft of storytelling."I believe that the campaigns we make reflect the happiness and optimism we feel as an agency. When you really enjoy working on a brief, the audience can see that back in the work."

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