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Guest Judge: Genevieve Hoey, CD, W+K Amsterdam

June 20th, 2016

Episode 2670 of 5181 episodes

This week's guest judge is Genevieve Hoey, creative director, Wieden Kennedy, Amsterdam.Genevieve is a digital maven and a maker and shaper of cultures yet to come. Only kidding. Genevieve works in advertising and loves pretty much every bit of it, except the hyperbole surrounding what we actually do. She's made some good films, wrapped a city in bubble wrap, tossed a man dressed as a steak into a shark tank, crashed a client's product into an Andes mountainside, haunted a hotel, talked her way into a Swedish biathlon, won some nice awards, worked with a stack of brilliant people and had a lot of laughs. Which is what it's really all about. That, and a fine selection of funk classics on high rotation.

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