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Guest Judge: John Stapleton, EVP, chief CD, 22squared, Atlanta

November 3rd, 2015

Episode 1163 of 5181 episodes

Ok, it's the end of the day and I get to watch some of the world's best work and give my "expert" opinion on them. I need to start reminding myself more and more that this job does not suck one bit. Anyway, here is my take on what I saw...mostly on a gut reaction and I tried not to watch them more than once. Unless I couldn't hear something or I just plain couldn't understand it.BEST TVFavorite: IBM Runkeeper. I have seen so many IBM spots where a group of people in an office setting are talking about the benefits of infrastructure and cloud computing. I have also fallen asleep through most of them. This felt quite fresh to me. The power of data, technology and a compelling story that fascinates. Well done. Especially for a challenging B-to-B category. Runner Up: Tasmanian Road Safety - Distance makes the difference.Being an avid cyclist, I know the dangers of buzzing too close to cyclists all too well. This story could have been approached with a typical shock tactic, but I enjoyed the other perspective. Reminding people about distance in more humorous ways can be just as effective. BEST PRINTFavorite: Smart - Design is nothing. I've seen this campaign for quite some time and I still enjoy it. It's simple and well-crafted. Runner Up: Xbox/Tom Raider Survival Billboard. One of the first things we did when 22squared switched from Lotus Notes to Gmail was to have the email legal copy rewritten to be more interesting and fun, But still be legally binding. This is proof that nothing should be off limits when it comes to creative thinking. And yes, I did read every single word. And I'm an art director. BEST OUTDOOR Favorite: Think! Helpful Hazards. I love ideas that embrace the existing environment and existing ingredients. This takes this as literal as possible. I also think the video is just as effective as the real thing for awareness. Runner Up: KitKat - Bond. This is a distant runner up for me. But it's the best of the rest. It's simple and quite funny. BEST INTERACTIVEFavorite: Google Frightgeist. Uhh, ok I could have used this if I knew about it a week ago! It's so relevant and perfect for a brand like Google who's core function is to help you find something. But when it comes to finding something original, you need to think in trends and reverse engineer the data. Perfect and crazy smart. Runner Up: Dominos. This is a really nice product innovation demonstrated quite beautifully. The style. The music. The simple navigation. It's what would show up if Harrison Ford ordered a pizza in Blade Runner. BEST RADIOI tried. I really really tried. I got nothing.This week's guest judge is John Stapleton, EVP and chief creative director at 22squared in Atlanta, Georgia.John has been with 22squared for 14 years and spearheads creative development by telling integrated brand stories for clients including Southeast Toyota, Costa Rica Tourism, Shoe Carnival, and Baskin-Robbins. He is well known in the national advertising community as a top digital pioneer, and his work has garnered recognition from the Effies, National Addys, Communication Arts and The One Show. He was also key in 22squared's rebranding efforts, positioning the agency for the rapidly changing digital space. Prior to joining 22squared, he held lead creative roles at Fahlgren Advertising and Henderson Advertising, making his mark on brands such as Michelin Tires, Ryobi Power Tools, and Peerless Faucets.

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