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Guest Judge: Matt Kemsley, founder, Matterhorn, Sydney

February 29th, 2016

Episode 1759 of 5181 episodes

BEST TVWinner: OVK - Parents of Road Victims: Forever Young[/ur_new]. As a cyclist I'm often terrorised by people using their mobile phones whilst driving. This commercial confronts the issue by avoiding highly choreographed car crashes but turns to a compelling insight about someone living with the aftermath of making a simple, stupid mistake. Well directed with a moving, authentic performance.Runner Up: Don't mind [url_new=http://www.bestadsontv.com/ad/77471/Oxfam-Germany-Lets-Make-Fruit-Fair-now]Banana Hands but it feels a bit scammy. So I'll go with Samsung: Unpacking Samsung. Nicely done and a good articulation of why my switch from Apple to Samsung maybe coming up soon. Sorry Steve.BEST PRINTWinner: Not much here. Lots of charity ads, relying on familiar, creative constructs. I'll go with Hobbs: Make an Understatement, as it's simple, striking and I like the line.Runner Up: I'll pick MinhaMelhorSemana: Claustrophobia, because of its psychotic, confronting art direction.BEST OUTDOOR Winner: Struggling here too. I'll pick Mastercard: Priceless surprise, as they've done it properly. This film has star power, which helps create some nice moments.Runner Up: ITM Cup: Billboard Wars. I don't believe that selling rugby to kiwis is difficult, but I like the attitude of this campaign and there are some nice posters to look at.BEST INTERACTIVEWinner: Some good stuff here, and thankfully I only heard the expression 'state of the art technology' once. For me the two best pieces are both Instagram campaigns. I'll go with Glad Wrap: Instaglad. It's clever, irreverent and has a great attitude. Hijacking the phenomenon of people photographing their lunch/dinner to highlight Glad Wraps core benefit is very fresh (I thank you).Runner Up: Audi Quattro: Henrik is an instagram campaign that's very Audi. Different pace and style from the first one, but very nicely done.This week's guest judge is Matt Kemsley, founder, Matterhorn, Sydney.Matt started his career at BBH London as Head of Design. He moved to The Campaign Palace Auckland before joining the fledgling Whybin TBWA Auckland, ending up as Creative Director. He returned to BBH London, and became a creative/board director. Before jetting off again to Whybin TBWA Sydney to become Creative Director, working with Garry Horner. Matt and Garry then founded 'Matterhorn', a creative agency that can be found in the Rocks of Sydney.

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