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Guest Judge: Rebecca Carrasco, head of Facebook Creative Shop

June 27th, 2016

Episode 2707 of 5181 episodes

This week's guest judge is Rebecca Carrasco, head of Facebook & Instagram Creative Shop for Australia and New Zealand.Rebecca has worked as a Writer, Art Director, CD & ECD. Her work has received Best In Shows, Campaign of the Year, Client of the Year, Creative of the Year, an Asian Pacific Child Rights Award, a United Nation Award, Television Programming Awards, 3 shades of metal, and her own agency was recognized with an Agency of the Year Award. She's had the honour of judging many international ad shows, as well as awards for TV & Cinema Content, Magazine Publishing, and Agency of the Year accolades. She has also begun a PhD on Ideas that she hopes to finish in another lifetime or when her children can both speak, feed, and toilet themselves, whichever comes first.

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