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Guest Judge: Steve Red, CCO, Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners

October 5th, 2015

Episode 987 of 5181 episodes

BEST TVFirst place - Wacoal Mood Boost-up bra: Life Change. Holy crap. I mean, I'm just sitting here after a hard day's work, judging some ads and enjoying some nicely shot, slow motion footage of an attractive lingerie-clad...DUDE. Mission accomplished. The spot communicated clearly that the Wacoal Mood Bra works to, you know, boost up things. Runner up - Grabtaxi: Super Easy Life. Take that Uber. Grabtaxi is super easy and it makes me eggs.BEST PRINTFirst place - Manaus City Hall: Foot. This wins because when I looked at it, I was all, "Ew gross," which I assume was exactly the reaction they were going for.Runner up - Coca-Cola: Battle. I'm an art director by trade and this ad is beautiful.BEST OUTDOOR First place - Jet Blue: NYC Take-Off. Just flat out good stuff, like practically everything this brand does. Brilliantly, it has consumers jumping in and acting in the same spirit as the brand...a little daring, a little surprising and a lot of fun. Runner up - RYOT: The Painter of Jalouzi. I may have been swayed a bit because I already love the concept of RYOT, but how could you not be moved watching an impoverished Haitian neighborhood being transformed and lifted by color? BEST INTERACTIVEFirst place - Foot Locker: Play my tweet. Why wouldn't I want to try to get James Harden to shave his beard...or something? Simple, fun and makes you want to interact with the brand. Runner up - Tourism Authority of Thailand: The Tattoo Flyer. They took the dustiest oldest advertising tactic, a flyer, and made it all digital. Pretty brilliant. BEST RADIOFirst place - Laundr.ie: The Gimp. I love services like this that eliminate those boring, routine, everyday chores like picking up your S&M suit at the dry cleaners. Runner up - DETRAN PR (Traffic Department of Parana State): DRIVEXTING. We've all seen those powerful "don't drive and text TV commercials" but a bit more challenging to find an elegant and powerful solve using radio. This did it. This week's guest judge is Steve Red, president and chief creative officer at Red Tettemer O'Connell & Partners in Philadelphia.Steve is co-founder of Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners and he touches everything that goes out of the agency door from a creative and strategic perspective. He believes people are smart and advertising should be too, and that the only real martini is made with gin. He works with big brands including Under Armour, Planet Fitness, Reyka Vodka, Dockers, Century 21, Morningstar Farms, Swarovski, The Honest Kitchen, Dial for Men, Fox Networks; T. Rowe Price and TuB Gin. Some day...long after his teenagers aren't teenagers anymore, he'll settle down and start painting again, which is what his dad says he should have done all along.

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