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IKEA Sweden: Wedding Online

April 12th, 2015

Episode 36 of 5181 episodes

IKEA Sweden is launching via Akestam Holst Stockholm an online service where people can get married via a webservice. The new service is particularly helpful for people who live abroad or have friends and family living in other countries. The best sort of love is easy and effortless. And promising one another eternal devotion at a wedding should be just as simple. That is why IKEA Sweden have created a new type of wedding that is neither expensive nor complicated.ÂIKEA is always striving to find simple solutions for our everyday lives. At Wedding Online the love couple can invite guests and a wedding officiator via a video link. The guests and the couple gather online in several scenic environments where they can see and hear people present in real time. Naturally, the service does not exclude people who simply want to renew their wedding vows or celebrate love without it being legally binding. VIEW THE CONCEPT

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