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LALCEC: Sun Lifeguards

May 13th, 2015

Episode 254 of 5181 episodes

The idea is based on an alarming fact:In Argentina, the number of deaths caused by skin cancer outnumbers by far the number of deaths caused by drowning. And, if we have lifeguards to watch after us when we are bathing, why don't we have anyone to watch after us when we are sun bathing? That's how the Sun Lifeguards were born, a group of dermatologists created by LALCEC and J. Walter Thompson, who guarded and generated awareness amongst thousands of vacationers along the Argentinean coast.From their watching towers installed facing the sand, where everyone is unaware of the dangers of the UV Rays, they watched out for everyone's health . They also did free skin tests and indicated recommended UV protection by creating a code of pennants. VIEW OUTDOOR

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