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Livebox: My New Caretaker

May 20th, 2016

Episode 2411 of 5181 episodes

Break the walls down. This is the promise of the New Livebox. It allows each person to reinvent a new at-home that makes possible to get away, to fully enjoy the digital life. The movie, "The new at-home" directed by Steve Rodgers, tells this story. During an apartment visit, a young man succeeds at convincing his girlfriend, and the viewer, of the place potential. It was not confined as we could think in the first place. All the possibilities offer by the New Livebox make it a place opened to the outside world, ever more thrilling. This idea was adapted to a variety of short formats, revealing more precisely all the benefits of the New Livebox, on TV and on the web. Agency:Publicis Conseil, Paris VIEW THE SPOT VIEW THE FIRST AD VIEW THE SECOND AD VIEW THE THIRD AD VIEW THE FOURTH AD

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