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Lucozade: Granny Gathering

July 15th, 2015

Episode 496 of 5181 episodes

Lucozade Hashtag stories.Energy drinks are often aimed at getting people to do more, and more, and more. They seem to miss that there are normal everyday events that require energy to get through, or excel in. Lucozade is there to help you overcome those tricky and tiring moments, those "give-me-strength" moments.In this print campaign, O&M, Johannesburg spoke to people the way they tell each other about their day through a series of instagram styled hashtags. These told a story about an exhausting everyday moment and how Lucozade got them through it. VIEW THE GRANNY AD VIEW THE ILLEGAL AD VIEW THE PICTIONARY AD VIEW THE GUNKY AD VIEW THE SHOPPING AD VIEW THE TINDER AD PLAY THE TEAM SPOT PLAY THE HI TOPS SPOT PLAY THE PROJECT SPOT

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