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Meat and Livestock Association: The Trinity Experiment

August 31st, 2016

Episode 3172 of 5181 episodes

The results of a secret 30-year experiment to test the principles of a healthy balanced diet have been released, in a new documentary entitled "The Trinity Experiment" for Meat & Livestock Australia, created by The Monkeys. The film follows the somewhat extreme scientific study of identical triplets who were separated at birth 30 years ago and raised precisely the same, except for one pointed difference - their diets. The first was raised purely on green vegetables only, the second on meat only, and the third, on a healthy balanced diet. The campaign consists of a film trailer, a long-form online film, and three breakout films that catch up with each of the triplets as adults, each demonstrating the consequences of their extreme diets on their long-term development. VIEW THE SPOT

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