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OMO: Meet the World's Smartest Clothes Peg

April 22nd, 2016

Episode 2103 of 5181 episodes

Laundry detergent brand Omo has created a smart clothes peg, 'Peggy', which informs users of the best time to do the washing according to a range of weather indicators.The smart peg, created by J. Walter Thompson, is aimed at freeing up a family's time for the "moments that really matter".It can monitor fluctuations in temperature, humidity and UV sunlight and takes macro weather data available from weather forecasting services and combines them with micro weather data to provide accurate drying times. 'Peggy' then pushes out reminders to users of when is the best time to do washing, hang it out and how long it will change. It also alerts users to changes in weather. VIEW THE SPOT

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