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Road Safety Commission: Time with Mum

August 8th, 2016

Episode 2991 of 5181 episodes

How do you stop young, reckless, overconfident drivers from deliberately defying the road rules? You take away the only thing they care about - their freedom - and you hand them over to their Mothers. Agency: 303 MullenLowe, Perth.'Time with Mum' follows our license loser, Nate 'Dawgg', over 90 days of passenger seat hell with his Mum firmly in the driver's seat. His independence, social life and even front seat status slowly evaporate after losing his license. VIEW THE DAY 4 - SINGING SPOT VIEW THE DAY 24 - INDICATOR SPOT VIEW THE DAY 44 - GIRLFRIEND SPOT VIEW THE DAY 67 - GRAN SPOT LISTEN TO THE OUT OF OPTIONS SPOT LISTEN TO THE PILATES SPOT LISTEN TO THE WINDOW SPOT

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