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Takis Zombie: Brain Drive

October 26th, 2015

Episode 1102 of 5181 episodes

As if the spice-meter of Takis isnât threatening enough, one fan will receive a whole crate of Takis Zombies personally delivered to them by zombies this Halloween season. The "Takis Brain Drive" is seeking 1 million donated brains in exchange for a crate of Takis approximately 200 bags delivered by the undead. To express your consent, fans need go no further than Takis on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube and like or share. Place your finger on the computer screen to have your brain extracted.Takis Zombie is a limited edition of the habanero-cucumber flavor also known as "Nitro". The chipmaker has been working with Pereira & OâDell on social media efforts since late last year and fans have been eating it up. VIEW THE CONCEPT

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