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The Dockers: Fit For Every Moment

August 2nd, 2016

Episode 2952 of 5181 episodes

To launch their fall campaign, the Dockers brand teamed up with real people to showcase real moments - as they believe everyone is truly the sum of their experiences - detours and all. With pants for every occasion, the brand celebrates moments that matter. No two paths are alike, but what makes it worth it is the 'yes' moments. No matter how big or small, Dockers is there through it all. The brand captures real friends, couples and families in their most authentic moments. Whether it be father and teacher, Demetrius, on a date with his daughter Aria wearing The Best Pressed Signature Khaki with stretch, or long-time best friends and next-door neighbors, Nicholas and Phillip, exploring LA in The Jean Cut Khakis, the Dockers brand has a fit for every moment. VIEW THE SPOT

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