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The Lost Dogs' Home: You can't hide real love

September 9th, 2016

Episode 3275 of 5181 episodes

When an animal loves you, it's the kind of love that lights up a room. It can't be hidden and it certainly can't be faked. This campaign heroes the love between the staff at the Lost Dogs' Home and the animals, by focusing on the moment an animal see someone they love and completely transform. To prove the difference a dog can have on your life, we surprised our voice over artists with puppies while they recorded what they thought was just a regular, old radio ad for The Lost Dogs' Home. Agency: GPY&R Melbourne. VIEW THE 45 SEC SPOT VIEW THE 30 SEC SPOT VIEW THE CLEO SPOT PLAY THE PEAK SEASON SPOT PLAY THE ACTIVITIES SPOT PLAY THE PERFECT DOG SPOT

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