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Tourism Authority of Thailand: Muay Thai Hotel

April 30th, 2015

Episode 190 of 5181 episodes

Muay Thai was facing image crisis. For Thai People, Muay Thai is a beautiful and noble sport with long history. But for visitors of Thailand, Muay Thai became cheap entertainment and gambling destination. To right their perception, travelers needed to spend enough time with the real, authentic Muay Thai. Let them fight for a free night in Thailand. Welcome to Muay Thai Hotel, the only hotel where you can pay for your stay with Muay Thai practice. Tourism Authority of Thailand set up the new hotel in the center of Bangkok, where our guests can use Muay Thai practice as a new currency. Every punch, every kick, were counted by activity-tracking devices that were given to every guests. By achieving 3,000 calories a day, our guests get 1 free night. And the more they practice, the more they know about real Muay Thai. VIEW THE CONCEPT VIEW THE SPOT

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