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Tribord: EasyBreath

July 16th, 2016

Episode 2852 of 5181 episodes

Paris agency Rosapark and its client, water sports brand Tribord, recently launched "Easybreath" to celebrate the launch of the brand's revolutionary full-face snorkeling mask. This year, the agency has created a captivating film, available in 15, 30 and 60s formats, that not only showcases the many benefits of the new Easybreath mask, a next-generation snorkel, but highlights its enhanced experience. The film opens with a snorkeler, floating, gazing at his surroundings, and continues with interchanging, often indistinguishable, images of sky and water. Just over halfway through, the camera flips 180 degrees and we see the swimmer from below, realizing his whole immersive experience was provided by the Easybreath mask. VIEW THE SPOT

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