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TrueColours by Stabilo

June 9th, 2016

Episode 2591 of 5181 episodes

The two biggest lies on the Internet are: "I have read the terms and conditions," and "I agree to them". It's a fact that nobody reads long and complex terms and conditions online, yet we all agree to them, consequently paying with our privacy. TrueColours, a new browser plug-in, highlights the critical sections in the terms and conditions in order for you to recognize these dangers at a glance with a digital highlighter: green for "noteworthy", yellow for "questionable", red for "critical". In addition, it warns you automatically about sites that contain policies you do not agree to. Germany's top 20 most popular websites are already covered inside the plug-in and continue to be expanded by the users themselves. Using the digital highlighter, they can mark passages and share them with all other users. Agency: Jung von Matt/Elbe GmbH. VIEW THE CONCEPT

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