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Join Johanna Griggs and 'Fast' Ed Halmagyi on the Better Homes and Gardens Podcast, making your home and your home life better one idea at a time!! If it's DIY, Pet problems, fun in the Garden, Financial advise or Cooking - we've got you covered! Drop us an email at [email protected]


On this week's Podcast we cover everything from Flu Fighting Plants to Pets for Apartments. And Ed - for a change - brings the tone of the show down a peg or two!

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The temperature is changing, as is the Season, and we've got you covered! This week on the Podcast we've got ideas on what to do with your Pet in Winter, what foliage still looks wonderful at this time of year, how to cope with Winter heat loss at home and Fast Ed has the perfect Winter Curry idea!

On the Podcast today, we've got everything from ideas on how to spend your tax return, figs, figs and more figs and how Joh nearly made her son freeze to death on school camp, good fun!

On the Podcast today Fast Ed has a fantastic winter recipe idea tor the perfect Pork Shoulder Roast, Scott Pape has some very useful information about those pesky EFTPOS minimum spend limits and Griggsy takes her kids to task about their haircare, or lack of it!