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Join Johanna Griggs and 'Fast' Ed Halmagyi on the Better Homes and Gardens Podcast, making your home and your home life better one idea at a time!! If it's DIY, Pet problems, fun in the Garden, Financial advise or Cooking - we've got you covered! Drop us an email at radio@bhg.com.au


Better Homes & Gardens - Episode 36

December 4th, 2012

Episode 36 of 61 episodes

New pet puppies often come into the family around this time of year, how often should you be taking them to the Vet? And what are the basics of looking after a puppy? Dr Al has the information. Are there benefits to having a platinum credit card? Or are they nonsense? Scott Pape will tell you. Fast Ed has some ideas on what prep you should be doing NOW for Christmas. We're in the garden with some ideas on what you can do now, to make your garden perfect for Christmas. Did you know Johanna Griggs is a Doctor? She came to the rescue recently, find out what happened! Ed gets weird, weirder even - can you eat Human? We find out! Trap-door Spiders in the garden? We have the do's, don'ts and what you should look out for. Dr Al goes through the dangers of a hot summer for your Pet. Fast Ed has an alternative Christmas Fine Dining menu for you. Jason Hodges has some great ideas for kid-proof plants, the sturdier the better during the holidays!

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