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"Beyond the Bench" is a podcast about the legal system produced by the North Carolina Judicial College at the UNC School of Government. It is interview-based, with guests including judges, lawyers, professors, and citizens who have participated in court proceedings. Some interviews focus on guests’ personal experiences and opinions, while others explore discrete legal issues. The podcast is organized by season, with each season being focused on a particular type of case. For example, season one is about criminal law, and is hosted by Jeff Welty, a member of the criminal law faculty at the School of Government and the Director of the North Carolina Judicial College.


In this last episode, you’ll learn about permanent outcomes for the family and child, with a discussion of two opposite outcomes: a child’s reunification with his/her parents and the child’s adoption after a termination of parental rights. Find out what happens in our remaining court case!

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We’re back with Episode 5, “The Child’s Voice in Court: The Role of the Guardian ad Litem,” for our Beyond the Bench Season 2 podcast. In this episode, we take a break from our court cases to focus on the child. Find out how the child’s perspective is represented in court, through a guardian ad...

At the end of our last episode, one of our two cases ended when the court dismissed it after concluding the child was not neglected. But in our other case, the case where the children were living with their parents in a van in the woods without adequate shelter, food, and hygiene and were exposed...

In this episode, through interviews with district court judges, a county department of social services attorney and a parent attorney, we will talk about the hearing where the court decides if the child is neglected and what happens afterwards.