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Ollie Matthews The Athlete Upgrade Coach speaks nutrition, performance, health, fitness and more with many people in the world of fitness and performance.

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Ollie breaks down The Revitalization Blueprint here - an indepth look at what each individual client get's when they take the step to become Revitalized with The Upgrade Coach. www.theupgradecoach.com @OJayPT

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Ollie talks with one of his coaches, Flavia Powell who is his therapist and has coached him through showing up allowing him to really thrive in the Revitalized Man lifestyle he lives today. Can in contact with Flavia on Facebook or via her website https://flaviapowell.co.uk/

Ollie is back with a twist There has been some change in the way we think and the UPGRADE COACH has opened his eyes. Leave a review for your free 15 minute skype call with Ollie Let Ollie explain a bit more here. www.theupgradecoach.com- for entrepreneurs www.athleteupgradecoach.com- for athletes #RevitalizedMan #UpgradeCoach @OJayPT

Ollie Matthews chats with fellow Complete Human Performance coach Jonathan Pietrunti on this week's show. Diving into sports psychology including - goal setting successfully - inspiration vs motivation - returning from a setback and much more Get in touch with Jonny atthatgreyarea.com and contact us for coaching enquiries on...