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A podcast about the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Join us each week for news and theories about the upcoming book and movie, as well as thoughts and discussions about the series so far.


Bloodsuckers Episode 13: Our Giant Teddy Bear

December 8th, 2008

Episode 26 of 50 episodes

Download episode here. We apologize for the major lateness. Thanks for being so patient! In the 13th episode of Bloodsuckers, The Girls Necks Door read some listener e-mails. We discuss some news, especially a funny popstar site. Emmett Cullen is featured in our character profile. We swoon, as usual, about Edward’s Nauseatingly Adorable Quote Of The Week, "You compare one tree to an entire forest". We laugh at Shelby’s Cheesy Vampire Joke of the Week. We discuss Twilight by Vanessa Carlton, suggested by many of our listeners, for our Song Of The Week. We make quite a few special announcements, including that t-shirts are for sale and a special "Cullen Boy Band" listener challenge. Go to www.cafepress.com/bloodsuckers to check out our t-shirts and help support the show. Remember, if you’d like to contact the show, you can e-mail us at [email protected] or comment on our blog at bloodsuckerspodcast.blogspot.com. You can also be our friend on Myspace at myspace.com/bloodsuckerspodcast or join our Facebook group.Here are the Boy Band Photos we've received so far:Rae:Robin:Nadine:Lauren:KatieErin:Casey:PriscilaJylianGabbyZoeLisa MarieBradyn: Hannah:Rae:

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