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A podcast about the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Join us each week for news and theories about the upcoming book and movie, as well as thoughts and discussions about the series so far.


Bloodsuckers Episode 18: Breaking Dawn and Making Pizza

January 29th, 2009

Episode 34 of 50 episodes

Download episode here.The Girls Necks Door discuss the newly released book, Breaking Dawn, as we read it. This is a collection of thoughts and summeries of the new novel, unedited. *SPOILER ALERT* *SPOILER ALERT* *SPOILER ALERT* THIS CONTAINS SUMMARIES OF THE NEW BOOK, DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED BREAKING DAWN. To contact us go to bloodsuckerspodcast.blogspot.com or email us at [email protected] Vote for us on podcastalley.com and review us on iTunes.

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