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A podcast about the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Join us each week for news and theories about the upcoming book and movie, as well as thoughts and discussions about the series so far.


Bloodsuckers Episode 4: Vampires In Black

August 11th, 2008

Episode 18 of 50 episodes

Download episode here.In the 4th episode of Bloodsuckers, The Girls Necks Door discuss some more of the latest Twilight-related news, including cast interviews, release parties for Breaking Dawn, and multiple movie-set reports. This week’s character profile discussion is Cheif Charlie Swan. Next is the Unanswered Question segment. We discuss whether Edward and Bella will have a peaceful and uninterrupted wedding. The following scene of the week took place in Twilight in the chapter “Port Angeles” when Edward takes Bella to dinner at the Italian restaurant. A new segment entitled Swoon-Worthy: Edward’s Nauseatingly Adoreable Quote of the Week was introduced next. Next comes the Favorites section in which the hosts’ favorite books of the series are discussed. Another new segment, A-Ray’s Cheesy Vampire Joke of the Week follows. The show was rounded out with the song of the week; The World Has Its Shine by Cobra Starship. Any questions, comments, suggestions (and now submissions for the joke of the week) can be emailed to [email protected] You can be our friend on myspace at myspace.com/bloodsuckerspodcast, join our facebook group, or leave a comment here on our blog.And we would like to let everyone that today is our co-host Christina's birthday, so make sure to send her some birthday love!

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