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A podcast about the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Join us each week for news and theories about the upcoming book and movie, as well as thoughts and discussions about the series so far.


...Where are the Girls Necks Door?

September 1st, 2008

Episode 19 of 50 episodes

Hey Guys. Non-existent bloodsuckers fan is back to explain a few things.Non-existent bloodsuckers fan: ZOMG HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT MIDNIGHT SUN!Gayle: Yes. Yes we have.NBF: IVE SENT IN 2934 EMAILS AND NO ONE HAS RESPONDED. THERE HASNT BEEN AN EPISODE IN OVER A WEEK! WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE YOU GIRLS!Gayle: Yeah... about that. Hi! First of all, we're all alive no worries. But, we all start school Wednesday and have a lot of summer reading to do. Maddi Aray and Christina are at the shore, and cant answer emails from there. I have been computer-less lately, and can't have access again until I'm done summer reading. And Janae, well, Janae's never been much of an email checker. We promise we'll get to it. I hope.NBF: That was just about the emails, but where is this weeks episode? It's already... monday! Don't the episodes come out on Sundays?Gayle: This week's episode had some... technical difficulties. Basically, A-Ray and Janae's tracks were not sent in their entirety and when I finally realized, A-Ray was already away and we had no hopes of getting the tracks back. BUT, tomorrow we will record a Midnight Sun reaction episode, and that will have to serve as this weeks episode. We will return to regular scheduling next week.NBF: I hate bloodsuckers. You're all slackers.Gayle: I'm sorry. Free hugs all around. But this weeks episode was actually all about that, well the resently large amount of "hate mail" we've been getting. So, please stop hating us. We're sorry you all feel that way. We'll start having the episodes back out ASAP, promise!NBF: Do you atleast have any good news?Gayle: Yes! I'll let you know what the listener challenge for this week was! And ill even send maddi some funny snippets from this weeks episode to include as bloopers on the Midnight Sun episode =).LISTENER CHALLENGE: Send in 3 things you liked about Breaking Dawn and/or Bloodsuckers to [email protected] If you figure out how to get this in picture form, well post it right here on the website.Love always,Gayle and the rest of the Girls Necks Door

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